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Zodiac Constellation Necklace Sagittarius – Where Nights Bleed Stars

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This beautiful Sagittarius necklace elegantly represents the star constellation Sagittarius.  It’s in the category of cute simple necklaces and holds it’s own as a cool jewelry piece.  Wear this Sagittarius constellation necklace and be in tune with your astrological vibe.

Feel uniquely Sagittarius by adorning yourself with the star constellation that shone down on you when you were born!  This star constellation necklace is sure to be a conversation starter – and astrological conversations can be beautifully deep.

A zodiac sign constellation necklace is a fun addition to any wardrobe featuring self expression.

This star necklace reminds you always of your unique astrological traits.  Wear a Sagittarius zodiac constellation necklace to honor your Sagittarius self.

Sagittarius zodiac constellation jewelry is a thoughtful option for one of a kind gift giving when you find yourself searching:
-  Cute Necklaces For Her
-  Pendant Necklaces For Women
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-  Bridesmaid Jewelry
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-  Cute Necklaces For Women

A zodiac necklace is a lovely personalized gift for Sagittarius.  Who wouldn’t appreciate a star sign necklace?

Available in Silver or Gold colors.

Pendant Size:
Approximately 2.5cm X 2.5cm (see photo)

Copper, Zinc Alloy

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